About BSA

Bellus Spring Academy is a private International School located in Accra, Ghana. The school was established on 1st May 2019 to provide preschool services to parents in the neighborhood and beyond. The school started with only 3 children but has grown over the years to extend to primary education with our numbers progressively increasing year after year.
BSA is proudly founded on Godly principles and for that matter our learners do not only receive academic education but also sound Christian teachings. This does not in any way restrict our admission, we are very open to all irrespective of beliefs and background.
We explore and build on their capacities by concentrating on their essential intelligences including:

We explore and build on their capacities by concentrating on their essential intelligences including:

  • Visual/spatial (strong in drawing and sculptures)

  • Physical (strong in sports)

  • Linguistics (fluency with word)


  • Interpersonal (ability to communicate well and be compassionate)

  • Musical (including rhythms and rhymes)

  • Intrapersonal (ability to plan ahead and remember past events)

  • Logical/mathematics (ability with numbers)


  • Learning through all the five senses (see, hear, touch, taste and smell)

Our Mission is to shape the mind of each child through the provision of a congenial and fun learning environment for our learners. Our focus is to bring out the very best in each child by challenging ourselves to do better at all times and to build mutually beneficial relationships with our partners through effective communication

To be the preferred Educational Centre for:
  • 1. Producing creative thinkers relevant in our changing society.
  • 2. Shaping the minds of tomorrow’s change-makers today, one mind at a time.

Our  Core Values

Academic Excellence

We strive for Academic Excellence in every child using the Learner Centered Approach in addition to continuous curricular evaluation and improvement.


BSA is guided by honesty and professionalism in all we do. To the learner and staff, integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.


We are strongly founded on Christian values so do not take lightly our faith in God, the creator and enabler of all men.


Discipline is at the centre of all we do at BSA. We have defined rules, regulations and practices that we expect each child and staff to abide by in order to maintain order, proper conduct, and create a safe learning environment for our learners, facilitators, and the entire work force.


In BSA, Respect embodies an appreciation for the principles, values and mission of the institution, as well as the people, facilities and resources connected to it. We relate with all; great and small irrespective of colour, beliefs or origin.